The last half a year, I’ve been working on my new . And now it’s finally done! Inked up and everything.
I always wanted a “” a tattoo with all the things that I love and appreciate. Of course I don’t have that big set of arms to get everything I want, so I have to settle for less.
The idea was to get something from books, games, board games, movies, theater, comic books, cartoons and .
Sadly I did not get all the categories on the skin, but almost. I missed music and board games, so they must be added at another time.

I started out with collecting a shit load of pictures to use for inspiration. After collection the majority of pictures the hunt started for a tattoo artist. I put the pictures on a iPad and walked around in Copenhagen, talking to people in different tattoo studios. Some had some very cool artwork, but none really knew who the people and things on the pictures where!
The last place I searched is also where I found my artist. I walked into this place called at Sankt Hans Torv, and here I met . Thomas knew pretty much all of the stuff on the pictures and he also had a cartoony feel to his artwork. So these two things made me decide that Thomas the way to go.
On a side note, I can mention that Thomas now lives in Stockholm and employed by Porky Tattoo, but visits once a month for clients.

The tattoo took 3 turns to finish. First where we did the outlines of the entire thing – About 3 hours. 2nd time we colored the lower half and some if the shadowing in the top – 4 hours. 3rd and the last time we colored the rest of the sleeve. – 3 hours. The only thing really needed now is just one hour where we fix small spots that might need some ink. At this point a date is not yet appointed.

Attached to this post is the pictures taking during progress, do you know all the stuff in the sleeve :-) ?

I love my Geek Sleeve




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  1. ja den er spændende og flot :))

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