The last couple of months I’ve been have seen a lot of -series on Netflix. And not just a lot, but A LOT. At this current moment I’m almost done with season two of Battlestar Galactica, Actually a great series, and I wonder why I did not see it sooner? Maybe it wasn’t that easy, when you did not have the complete series on Netflix and the like. Well I’m hooked on the show, and watching every moment I have the chance.

A show I just finished is . Is has 4 seasons and aired from 1998 and forward. It’s Australian made and it has completely skipped my the first 30 sense it was made. “FarScape now on Netflix” it said. “What is this?” I said. Looks promising, lets have a look. FarScape, a Sci-Fi Series about an astronaut named John Crichton, who by flies through a wormhole and ends up in a distant part of the universe.

To start with I thought “whaaaaaaat the hell is this” Crappy effects, characters with rubber masks, and so on and so forth. Ohh well, got nothing better to go, so why not give it a chance. One show after another goes by, on iPad and TV, when possible. I developed a liking for the characters, and started to really cheer the main characters on. Getting involved in the feelings and the love stories taking place. Before I knew it, this show was so much more than “just” another Sci-Fi series.


FarScape is 4 seasons long, 88 shows in total. And I gulped up everyone of the shows. just to be left alone on a cliffhanger of an ending…… Noooooooooooooo, what the hell? what is happening? What now? Are there no more FarScape? Is that it? Is it gone now? So many questions.

Well i had to go to Wikipida to look up the show. To see if i could get some closure. Apparently there was supposed to be 5 seasons, but the show got cut after only 4. But then I read some more and found out, there was made around 2 years after the show stopped. A movie called the “FarScape: The PeaceKeeper Wars”  So as quick as I could, i got a hold of the movie, sense it was not on Netflix. Great to see the characters again, to get some closure and see the end.

But what now? I want to see more? I want to see how the characters develop. How do you let go of the characters that you came to care about? I know its a sci-fi show, but it’s like reading a book. Or anything that stimulate the brain. If you involve yourself in the story. Get involved with the characters, care about the people. It does not matter if it’s a Game, TV show or a book. You start to care….. How do you let go?


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One Response to “How do you let go of characters you came to care about?”

  1. I know the feeling man, I finished up the show and Peacekeeper Wars a few weeks ago, and I feel this exact way! I keep thinking of doing some fan-fiction just for fun. But I know it wouldn’t feel the same :/ I’ve completed watching some of the most acclaimed shows of all-time (Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad), but while they are all amazing, they just didn’t have the feeling that Farscape had! All I can tell ya man is that there will NEVER be another Farscape on T.V. However something that has made me feel better is following many of the actors on Twitter… Somehow it just feels like the characters are still there and having there own journeys now!

    Oh also, watch the final two seasons of Stargate SG-1. Ben Browder and Claudia Black (John and Aeryn) became regulars on the show, and I enjoyed watching them again… It felt like Farscape with those two on screen :)

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