So I’ve started this project together with a big bunch of other people. I’ve been searching a long time for a new for PanCakeBeaver. And now a friend of mine is starting this project where we get a huge building, get as many artists and creative souls in as possible. And share the expenses.

All in all, right now we are around 22 people And together we started building what’s needed in the new place. We are of cause gonna build a photo studio, then the main man of the project is a carpenter, so he’s gonna get a wood shop. The we build a rehearsal space for a band, maybe two bands, and the rest of the space will be used for painters, and other alike creative souls.

So far weave build most of the walls that we use to divide the new place into sections. And the rehearsal space is now done. The only thing keeping me from getting out there and start using the place, is that it’s really not clean out there. A lot of shot hat needs to be thrown out, and a lot of dust everywhere. So the place really needs a good cleaning a run to the dump, then we are good to go. Uploaded here are some working pictures of us building walls.




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