I recently bought a new monitor for my computer. I have a setup with two 24″ screens on a extended desktop. Setting up the new screen and replacing an old 17″ Dell monitor. I very quickly found out, just how bad my screens where in the color calibration. Left monitor had a huge tint of blue, and the older screen next to it, I could now see, just how big a green tint that one had.

Working with pictures and being super colorblind, I really am not making it easy for myself. So I decided it might be time to get myself a monitor calibrator. I went out and I got the X-rite i1 Display Pro for around 1700 DKK

As backgrounds on my screens at the moment I’m using a picture in Black/White of that I have taken. Blue tint on one, Green tint on the other. I installed the and plugged in the calibrator. Hung it on my screen and started the process. Takes about tw0 minutes pr. screen. And Wolla! Now have to identical (well almost, small variations but still) backgrounds in Black and white and not in any wrong color tint.

This calibrator has easy to use software, and I can recommend it for use with non professional screens like standard color monitors on your home computer. The software guides you to the setup and procedure all the way through, so there is no worries. X-rite i1 Display pro also can be used to calibrate projectors and screen based on the ambient light in the room. So far don’t really have that much bad to say about the little thing.

Why ohh why did i not get a monitor calibration before?

The Black/white picture of The Charlotte should contain no color what so ever.

How the calibrator is hanging on the monitor.

How the calibrator is hanging on the monitor.

The X.Rite i1 Display Pro

The X-Rite i1 Display Pro

The Charlotte in Black/White. Should contain no color taint

The Charlotte in Black/White. Should contain no color taint

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