Some days ago, my colleague came up to me, talking about this magazine he just acquired.
He just attended the Photo Marathon (cpm)
Cpm is a where you competed in taking the best and most original pictures, with in a certain timeframe. Like if you compete in the analogue category, you get 12 or 24 subcategories (within a main category like “tolerance”) the sub category could then be something like the word “fur” you would then have to shoot a picture of that word, but within the red line or restraint of the main category. And you only got one “shot” to make it happen. The pictures have to be in the right order as the categories on the film role.

But back to my colleague. He just got this magazine from the cpm 25 years anniversary, and he came up to me asking if this Duse sitting with a in the middle of central square Copenhagen was me?
What?. What’s do you mean? Why should I be in a magazine for cpm? But then he showed me the picture. And yes! Truly enough, there I was! Sitting there grinning with a big beer in my hand, and my Friend The Koch
This picture must have been taken around ten years ago. I think I attended the cpm in 2003 or 2002 the last time. And I had no idea that the picture existed. Lasse look like the time he just returned from a trip in Australia. A little bit surfer chuppy with surfer necklaces on the neck. He

But really funny that we should end up on the center page of a anniversary magazine…



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  1. Haha very funny. I have to find that Magazine :-) and yes You are right this picture is taken after my trip to Australia so have to be 2003 :-)

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