I received the with the mail yesterday and was really looking forward for a haircut. My old died in an with the sink. Well After the trimmer has had the time to charge through the night  (it had to charge for about 16 hours according to the ), i woke up today and set up the camera system for a .

My first opinion on the Remington SCC-100 was of the . I thought it looked really cool, and i could not wait to try it out. With a long slightly curved trimmer blade it looked like it would fit the scalp perfectly. And holding it was no problem as well. you had a good grip, and you hold it just as well in whatever hand you are using. But this is pretty much where the stops.. Let the trimming begin.

A know that according to the manual you have to comb out and straight out the hair so the machine has the best possible way to get the hair to the cutter. Having my hair type, this is really not an option without taking a bath first, but that would mean wet hair, and you can’t use the machine with wet hair, and letting the hair dry would again just make it look like it did before the shower. The machine has 3 attachments to the trimmer for the length of the hair. 1’st attachment i used is a attachment that cuts down to 13 millimeter (½ inch). And the manual states you have to use this first if your hair is over 13 mm long.

So on with the attachment and cut away.. and cut… and cut… and cut … cut… cut… You start to realize that the machine is not really getting the hair as it should. Okay gonna give the machine the benefit of the doubt sense i did not comb my hair. but after cutting and cutting and cutting i found out that the machine was clocking up with hair in the attachment. Okay, so you have to empty the attachment, but they could have mentioned that you need to empty the damn thing every 20 second! Soon i had to realize that the attachment that is supposed to cut down to 13mm is a piece of crap. It took waaaaaaaaaay to long to cut the hair down, and the stuff that it did cut was not even at all.

okay i have been trimming my own hair for 13 years now, and one thing i learned is, if the hair does not comply to the length you are trying to reach! you will need to cut it even shorter! Get even more down to the root of the hair. So i Quickly changed the attachment. The 2 attachment are able to cut between 3 – 12 mm (1/8 – ½ inch). The length i always aim for is around 7-9 mm, Then my hair is long enough for covering my scalp just about. So i attached the attachment and started to cut away.

This time i can feel and see that a lot more hair is coming off, so i was right about cutting further down the root. But i still had to cut and cut and cut and cut, and always emptying the attachment for hair. This also felt good on the scalp, i can feel how the machine follow the way my head is build and gently giving my head a massage. SO WHY THE HELL CAN’T IT CUT EVEN! I ended up looking like something from a fallout zone! No matter how much i ran the machine over a certain area it did not catch the hair and it looked awful. I tried a bit more but decided that i needed to take the machine and myself to the bathroom and finish the hair in front of a better mirror. This attachment sucked. I could not get it even and my scalp was getting a bit sour now from all that scalp massaging! Then i sadly realized that i needed to use the 3 attachment….

The 3 attachment is for the one who want to trim all the way down to 2mm… Seemed like that was the only way to get the hair even. So i stood there looking myself into the mirror while i kept on cutting and then it happened. The fucking machine ran out of power……. Already!?!?! What the fuck! I had to go fetch the cord so i could continue. I finished up the cutting of the hair and finally thought it was even all the way around but had to cut it at about 2mm to get it like that!

I then tried to cut the beard with the machine and without attachments, also here it was a bit hard to get around the hard edges like the chin. And also the missing mobility when having to do everything with the cord still in it.

Well after a quick shower to wash of the million of small hairs (and i really mean REALLY SMALL hair allover) i went in an shot a picture of the final result.

Verdict; This machine might have some good ideas with the design and the curved blade, but this is pretty much all the plus sides it got! The machine feels like it’s made for people with straight hair. Us with curly hair have no pleasure for this machine at all. The blade on hair trimmers usually runs horizontal across the scalp, this machine drags the blade vertical across the scalp! That’s like cutting the hair of a guy who is bound to a table with a pendulum where the attachment is the cutting blade!  This machine gets a HUGE thumb down. It’s not worth the money and i am utterly disappointed of the product. And the battery dieing on me was just the last drop that made the glass spill over the edge. Next time i buy a Remington product is because i buy a Remington shotgun to blow the SCC-100 to bits!

This machine gets a rating of 1 / 10   (the 1 point is for the idea of the machine nothing else)

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9 Responses to “Review of Remington SCC-100 FROM HELL”

  1. åhh nej sæt håret på igen , jeg betaler limen !!!

  2. Muhahahaha Uber Gadget fail!!

  3. Tom gledhill says:

    What a one sided review. I have had one of these for 3 years and it has just suffered it’s first problem. This is a brilliant product..if, if you have very short hair which it is designed to be used for.

  4. How can it not be one sided? The review is based on my head, and my Hair. I’m not gonna cut someone else to see how better it fairs. Bottom line is, that it sucks for curled hair. Yes it might be better for shorter hair, but not if your hair is curled. (Wavey hair is not curled) Still have it for facial hair and balls, and that’s it).

  5. I agree with this review. It does a horrible job at hair cutting and the batteries are weak and unreliable. Mine lasted about 3 months, then went dead. What junk.

  6. Can’t say i agree. I have one of these and it does a great job.

  7. I brought one of these in 2008 and it was he best shaver I ever used.
    It lasted 4 yrs and never stopped.
    Tho I agree, the batteries didnt last long, I just used mine with it plugged in :-D

    I never used the attachments neither, I just used the blade and it cut closer then anything I ever used and took no time at all. Im going thru hell trying to replace it while using straight shavers…

    Looking at ur pics Tai, u didnt use it properly. Go slower and TRY to cut the remaining hair using different it on angles or against the grain, use it like a lint brush ;)

  8. Funny to see how old posts still gets comments, and thank you all for that. Over the course of the last 3 years, I have tried to use it again. And yet… It still comes up as a big failure. I still use it to cut the face. Here it works fine (with cord) and no attachments. It must be my hair type. The strain of hair goes in all direction, so you can not use it as a lint brush or come or what ever. To get all the directions I would need to go around in circles. And yes, I tried this as well. I just cut my hair of after having a even bigger set of hair sense I wrote this post. Used a traditional head trimmer with different size attachments. Ran smooth as It should.

  9. I wonder what products do you recommend for oneself?
    I really look for a lot but I have less hair than your short-haired and also I think remington would serve me but would like to know your opinion

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