I bought my first SLR camera from my photo teacher back in 2001. It was a Good old and I loved it like crazy. I still do even. It’s always been there, hanging about 40 cm. from my head sitting at my computer. I got a “upgrade” when I got the 200V a fully automatic monster back in 2002…. Still analogue. In 2006 I got my very first digital SLR. The D20, and upgraded again in 2009 with 5D mark II.

Well, in the moment my good old friend who I look at everyday, is assisting my character in the “Calendar Girls”. Sitting there fumbling a bit around with the camera checking the inner workings, I found this sticker where the film is supposed to be. The sticker says “Foto Østerport, Silkeborg tlf (06) 82 11 12.
This made me think briefly about the my camera had before it got to know me. Who was the first owner, who loved it first, and why did it get sold in the first place “or stolen?” And when? I meen the phone number type is not even being used in anymore, and I don’t know if the where is got sold even is there any more. Well….. Just got me thinking a bit.



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